The Kopsi ton Aeton (Eagles’ Ridge) race will take place on Sunday, 27 June 2021, one day after Olympus Marathon.

The “eagles’ ridge” is generally considered the most beautiful and impressive climbing route on the Zilnia mountainside. The first solo ascent of this route was completed by Dimitris Boundolas in 1979. Dimitris Boundolas was a climber from Litochoro, who ‘flew to the sky’ 30 years ago, during the first Greek climbing mission to the Himalayas, during an avalanche on the south face of Anapurna. To honour the memory of this great Greek mountaineer and climber, we decided to name this race “Kopsi ton Aeton”, meaning ‘the eagles’ ridge’.

The race distance is approximately 14 kilometres. The route has relatively mild inclines and is of average difficulty for trail runners. The terrain is very varied and includes trails, dirt tracks and asphalt roads. The cut-off time for the race is five (5) hoursTwo aid stations are available for runners, at the 3rd and 7th kilometre of the route.



The race starts at Prionia, at an altitude of 1100 metres, and shares a finish line with Olympus Marathon (the open-air theatre in Litochoro Park). The route passes some of the prettiest and most picturesque spots in Enipeas Canyon.



Race registration is open to all men and women aged 15 or over (a guardian's consent is required for minors aged 15 to 18). There is no maximum number of entries. Runners are personally responsible for having a medical check-up prior to the race.



Registrations will be open online soon.  The race fee is payable online, via credit or debit card.

Once the race fee has been paid, each runner's name will be included in the list of participants.

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Race packs will be distributed on the day before the race (Saturday, 26 June) between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., and on the race day (Sunday, 27 June), between 7.30 a.m. and 8.30 a.m. (half an hour before the race start) in Litochoro Municipal Park. To collect race packs, you will have to demonstrate an official document certifying the athlete’s identity and their age.



The race fee is € 15.

Each athlete is entitled to receive: a commemorative T-shirt, food at two aid stations, a race bid, a medal (provided their race is completed within the 5-hour cut-off time), and first aid support.



The organizers will provide aid stations at two points, at the 3rd and 7th kilometre of the route, at Monastiri and Zilnia respectively.



The race cut-off time is five (5) hours. There will be no interim cut-off time, but there will be a checkpoint during the race. The cut-off time is applicable to men and women and to all ages.



There is no mandatory equipment required of the runners. Runners may find it useful to carry a water bottle and waist pack.



Commemorative awards will be given to the first three male runners and the first three female runners in the race.

Race medals will be given to all participants who complete the race within the cut-off time.



The organizers protect runners by ensuring the presence of a rescue team on the race course. Athletes should, however, proceed with due caution. In the event that any athlete is injured, the organizers should be notified without delay.


Updated: May 2021