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The latest developments regarding the coronavirus outbreak in Pieria County, have justified the decision made by the organizers of Olympus Marathon, to cancel the race in accordance with the recommendations of the local authorities (Municipality, Region. Civil Protection, Police).

The uncertainty surrounding developments with Covid-19 was a significant factor in the organizers’ delay in making many basic purchases for the race. However, certain expenses could not be avoided (purchase and printing of volunteers’ T-shirts, bags, healthcare and medical supplies, gloves, masks, aid station supplies, etc.). This careful management of expenditure has enabled the organizers to refund runners in the Olympus Marathon final list, who do not wish to transfer their entry to the 2021 or 2022 event, for a large percentage of their entry fee. The amount in question is 35 euros.

More specifically: Olympus Marathon runners may either transfer their entry to the 2021 or 2022 event (at no extra charge), or receive a refund of 35 euros, paid into the account used to register for this year’s race. The 35-euro refund application form will be available until September 25th (refund requests made after this date will not be accepted), while the form for entry transfers to one of the subsequent two events, will be open until the closure of entries for Olympus Marathon 2021. Runners who have already asked to transfer their entry to one of the two coming years, but would now prefer to receive a refund of 35 euros, may use the application form below until September 25th. Other runners who have already requested a transfer and do not wish to receive a refund, should not take any action.

Runners entered in the Olympus Ultra, Olympus Vertical, Kopsi ton Aeton and Melindra Trail races may either transfer their entry to the 2021 or 2022 events, or receive a full refund paid into the account used to register for this year’s race. All runners may declare their choice in the following form, which will be available until Friday, September 18th. Refunds for the above four races will start being paid as of Monday, September 21st, unless a transfer request has been submitted.




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