Olympus Marathon is the International mountain running event in Greece, carried out on Mount Olympus, the world famous Greek mythical “Mountain of Gods”.

The route itself revives the sacred trail ancient Greeks followed to Olympus, where they ascended every year in order to honor and sacrifice to Zeus. At its very beginning, the track of the race lies exactly on the ancient route, starting from the remains of the sacred city of Dion, one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece today. The mountain, apart from being the National Park, is listed as a “World Natural Heritage Monument” by UNESCO.

Olympus Marathon, the main race, starts from the Archeological Park of Dion town at almost zero altitude (3m) and reaches the highest point at 2780m altitude, passing just below the “Throne of Zeus", one of the highest and steepest peaks of the mountain with the magnificent scenery. The race, covering approximately 44km, is completed in Litochoro town, the most important resort of the region, located at 300m above sea level. Ascending, from the start to the highest point of the route, is continuous and covers over 2800m of total elevation gain in about 21 km. The track of the route crosses the Eastern side of the Mount Olympus and the view the athletes enjoy at its highest parts, is truly breathtaking.

Racing in the “Mountain of Gods”, offers athletes the unique opportunity to take part in one of the main races of its kind throughout the world.