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The Greek Mountaineering Clubs of Dion, Karitsa, Litochorou and Leptokaria,besides the task of cleaning the trails, will welcome athletes at the stations. More specifically, the Greek Mountaineering Club Karitsas, for the fourth consecutive year, will staff the station, Orlias. The Greek Mountaineering Club of Leptokaria will welcome athletes at KOROMILIA station, whilst the DION FIRE DEPARTMENT volunteers, as in many previous years, will receive athletes at Xirolaki and St. Constantine . The Thessaloniki Runners Club will once again welcome the athletes at the Petrostrouga Station. The Heads of the shelters "Christos Kakkalos" and" Spilios Agapitos" with the assistance of volunteers, will welcome the runners, while the manager of the Spilios Agapitos shelter, Dennis Pourliotis will ensure safe passage of the difficult parts of the route under the peaks.

At stations throughout the route, athletes who have previously run the OM,but who wished to offer their services, will be found. More than 300 volunteers either in organized volunteer groups or as individuals will support the organization of the OM.

The marking signs of this year's OM, which will take place from Thursday, June 26, will be held under the surveillance of athletes who have run the OM in the past.

The sponsorers of the 11th edition of OM are as follows :

Buff ®, Salomon, the Powerbar - Dimitriadis (energy gel), the pharmaceutical company Novonordisk, the SoloBars, (organic bar Greek "origin"), the EraEnergy, the GASTRODROMIO Olympus, natural mineral DIOS water and delicious fruits Protofanousi.

This year's race is supported by the Cooperative Bank, and the Peripheral unit of Pieria.

The photographer of the event, once again will be from " GoExperience ". Photos of the event will be send to all participants via e-mail.

Litochoro, 06/08/2014