Update: February 2024

Olympus Marathon Refreshment points

The table below presents the refreshment points with food and drinks offered to OM participants during the race. Each participant also can carry by himself all the type of food he wants. No plastic cups are offered by the race (apart from the first check point). Each athlete is responsible to carry his own cup, in which the shown quantities of water and isotonic will be given.

Only one gel in the mentioned check points is offered for every athlete, which must be consumed on the spot. 

  Refreshment station / check point Total distance (km) Water Electrolytes Energy bar Energy gel Fresh fruits Nuts/dried fruits Salty/sweet snacks Sandwich Vikos Cola
1 Agios Konstantinos 6.0 150ml                
1a Itamos 7.0                
2 Koromilia 10.5 300ml      
3 Bara 12.5                
4 Petrostrouga 15.3 300ml    
5 Skourta 17.7 300ml                
6 Oropedio 20.8 300ml    
7 Refuge Α 25.0 300ml              
8 Prionia 31.2    
9 Monastery 34.1              
10 Zilnia 41.0      
11 Litochoro 44.0