Inscription pour le marathon du Mont Olympe de 2014

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December 16, 2013

Les inscriptions pour le marathon du Mont Olympe de 2014 qui aura lieu le 29 juin debuteront le 23 janvier. Toute personne de plus de 18 ans peut participer au marathon. Cette annee la limite sera de 600 athletes parmi lequels au moins 100 seront des non-residents de Grece, peu importe leur nationalite. L’inscription se cloturera au plus tard le 15 mai, que ce nombre de participants soit atteint ou non.

La condition essentielle pour participer au marathon est une experience de meme type (montagne, trail, fell). Tout non-resident de Grece doit avoir accompli au moins une course de montagne/trail de plus de 30 kilometres au cours des deux dernieres annees dans un autre pays que la Grece. Les demandeurs n’ayant pas cette qualification seront rejetees et partiellement remboursees (25 Euros). Le droit de participation est de 50 Euros et doit etre verse lors de l’inscription online exclusivement par carte de credit.

Tout participant est cense connaitre les regles de la course. Vous pouvez les trouver ici. L’organisation conseille a tout participant de les lire attentivement.

Le comite du marathon du Mont Olympe.

Registrations for OM 2014.

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December 16, 2013

Registration for the OM 2014.

Registration for the Olympus Marathon 2014 to be held on 29 June will start on 23 January. Any person over 18 years of age (completed by the day of the race) is entitled to participate in the Olympus Marathon. This year the limit of 600 athletes is set, out of which at least 100 shall be non‑Greek residents, whatever their nationality. The registration period will end latest on 15 May regardless if the number of participants is reached or not.

The essential condition for participating in the Olympus Marathon is a previous experience in similar races (mountain, trail, fell). Non-Greek residents must have completed at least one mountain/trail event of more than 30K in the last two years, in a country other than Greece. Applications not having this qualification shall be rejected and partly refunded (25 Euros). The participation fee is 50 Euros and must be paid at registration time online exclusively by credit card.

Participants must know the race rules and regulations. You can find them here. The Organization suggests each registrant to read them thoroughly.

From The Olympus Marathon Committee

ΟΜ 2013 photos

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The distribution of OM 2013 photos will start on Monday the 26th of August. Each participant will receive via –e-mail (the one given during registration) a link to download from Sky Drive his personal photos.

All e-mails will be sent till the middle of September.

Olympus Marathon célèbre ses 10 ans

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Le marathon des hommes sur la montagne des dieux

L’athlète, l’être humain et ses efforts démesurés

La joie d’offrir, la lutte, le sourire des volontaires

La beauté, l’histoire et l’énergie unique de cette montagne mythique

La lumière grecque à travers les feuilles des arbres de l’Olympe, les sons entre ses branches, l’eau froide de la montagne

Le paysage lunaire au sommet, la vue magique à des kilomètres de distance, le regard se tournant vers les choses terrestres

Le comité organisateur du OM 2013 est très heureux et ému de présenter aux amis de la course, et à tous les autres, la production de Olyvon en collaboration avec Go-Experience avec pour sujet le Olympus Marathon 2013.


Litochoro 1/8/2013

The Olympus Marathon celebrates 10 years

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The marathon of the people on the mountain of the gods

The athlete, the human and his/her super-efforts

The joy of offering, the strife, the smile of the volunteers

The beauty, the history, and the unique energy of the mythical mountain

The Greek light through the tree leaves of Olympus, the sounds between the branches, the cold mountain water

The moonlike landscape up on the top, the magic view kilometers away, the eye gazing at earthly matters

The organizing committee of OM 2013 is very happy and moved to present to the friends of the race, and to all the others, the production of Olyvon in collaboration with Go-Experience for the Olympus Marathon 2013.

Thank you.

Litochoro 1/8/2013

10 años de Maratón de Olimpo

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El maratón de los hombres en la montaña de los dioses .

El atleta, el hombre y su sobreesfuerzo...

El encanto de la oferta, la anjustia, la sonrisa de los voluntarios...

La belleza, la historia y la energia única de la montaña mítica...

La luz griega que atravesa las hojas de los arboles de Olimpo, los sonidos a través de las ramas, las aguas frias y cristalinas ....

El paisaje lunar de la cima, las vistas maravillosas por unos kilometros más allá, la mirada que mira atentamente a todo lo terrestre...

La comité de organización de Olympus Marathon 2013 con encato y emoción presenta a sus amigos y no solo a ellos, la producción de la empresa Olyvon en colaboración con Go Experience por Olympus Marathon 2013.

¡Muchas gracias a todos vosotros!

Litochoro, 01 / 08 /201 3

Olympus Marathon 2013

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The 10th Olympus Marathon took place on the Mountain of the Gods on Sunday 30 June with the participation of 575 runners, including 104 foreign athletes from 21 countries. They ran on the paths of the gods, honoring the race with their presence in spite of the many difficulties facing our country. This year too the competition was high among men as well as women. Present were the record holder of the race, Jessed Hernandez Gispert, as well as Greece’s top mountain runners. However, harsh weather conditions, very low temperatures and very strong winds at 2,200 m and up prevented the athletes from achieving good performances and tried their endurance. The winner was Greek champion Dimitris Theodorakakos with 4.44.54. In a grand fight Jessed Hernandez Gispert ended second (5.02.38), two minutes ahead of Jancek Bokoc (5.04.18). Among women, the Russian Zhanna Vokueva came first at 6.13.27. Next was Lora Repsenko at 6.24.06, while the first Greek – Amalia Matthaiou – came third at 6.39.13. Out of 575, 519 athletes ended within the official limit of ten hours, while the average time came down to 8.01 hours. On Saturday, 29 June, 305 children participated in the Olympus Kids & Olympus Juniors races. 75 of them were children of participant athletes. The children races were the kind contribution of the Novo Nordisk company. The 10th Olympus Marathon took place with the support of DEADO- the Municipal Development Association of Olympus Dion, and of the Novo Nordisk company. By the side of the organization were the Buff company, alternative energy Era Energy company,Power Bar and Solo Energy Bar, Gastrodromio restaurant, vineyard Zafiriadi, and Traditional Bardaki from Katerini. The support of Ostragon was invaluable with its rehabilitation services as well as those of the Gehwol company, Proto fruit company, legal representation Arag company, pizzeria Sundays. We thank Complete Travel (Giannis Tsangaris & George Grinias) for their efforts in complementing the transfer of the athletes with many additional trips. We thank the mineral water Dion for the water it provided to the organization, as well as Olympus Tea for the drinks it offered to the athletes at arrival. The 2013 Oympus Marathon was also sponsored by the Region of Central Macedonia, the Regional Unity of Pieria, and the Cooperative Bank of Pieria. We warmly thank the meat company Santikidi and the chicken Stravaridi who offered the meat for the post-race meal, as well as Computer Galaxy for its help. Over 300 volunteers from the local and regional communities helped organize the race with their invaluable services. Next to the organization were also the Corps of Volunteer Samaritans, Paramedics, and Lifeguards of the Greek Red Cross with 40 members from the Katerini section and 18 from Thessaloniki. SYRAP (Association of Radio Amateurs of Pieria) successfully organized and managed the communications network. Superior was also the participation of the Greek Mountaineer Association, the Association of Greek Mountaineers, the Association of Volunteer Firemen of the municipality of Dion, as well as the team from the first refuge who undertook to clean the paths of the race, and the preparation work of the employees of the municipality of Olympus Dion. The Organizing Committee and the Board of Olympus Marathon would like to warmly thank all the participants who honored the race, all those who supported it, and contributed to its orderly organization, as well as invite all its friends to the 11th race on 29 June 2014. Litohoro, 7 July 2013.

OM 2013 photos

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We would like to inform the OM 2013 participants that they will receive their photos from OM 2013 in the e-mail they have register. In any case someone wants to receive them in a different e-mail address he should contact

The photos will be sent after the 15th of August and during September.

Photos by Goexperience

Event Schedule

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Friday, June 28, 2013 19.00 to 22.00. Athlets registration, Nautical Museum 20:00 -20:45 Demonstration of sports : Pangratio, Jiu-Jitsu and Okinawa Karate from “Alki club”. Presentation: Joanna Karalexi 20:45 to 21:00 Video view from the artist Angela Siamese with subject “Olympus.” 21:00 -22:00 musical performance "a bird good bird" From the band "Musico Polytropo" A.U.TH. (music department). Saturday, June 29, 2013 10:00 to 23:00 Athlets registration. 19:00 Children's Races Games (Olympus Kids and Olympus junior) 19:00-22:00 Pastas Party 20:15 Technical brifing 20:45 Video view of Litochoro High School "From Boissonas Olympus to Olympus of our hearts " Ampadou Melitini, Thanouri Glykeria 21:00 Theatre performance of the Volleyball Club "Pantheon" with “... and Juliet" from Akis Dimou directed by Marina Argyropoulou. Sunday, June 30, 2013 4:30 to 5:20 bus departure from Litochoro park to the archaeological site of Dion 6:05 Start of the race 10:45 to 16:05 Finishes of the athletes 18:00 to 19:00 Awards 19:00 to 20:30 End 10th OM-Party 21:00 Theatre performance of "Doctor in force" Moliere from “Olympus Dance Theater” directed Gold bar Presentation of dances: Latin, European, Greek, Modern and Ballet from “Olympus Dance theater” by George Pinos

Notifications about movement in the race route.

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The organization of 2013 OM would like to make clear to the following matters concerning their move on the race route:

1. Cuts. According to the regulations of the Olympus Marathon who already has been published on the website of the organization

Shortcuts outside of existing paths are prohibited and any offenders will be disqualified. Each athlete has the responsibility and the obligation to follow the warning signals which shows forbidden cuts. On the alpine part of the race, the route follows the already formed path.

2. The “Skurta” path will be performed by the direct ascent, as suggested by the signals. 3. There will be no climbing using the rope at the “Yosos” passage. At that point, volunteers of the organization will show you the alternative path. 4. The descent of “Hondromesorahi” will follow the existing path. 5. In a known shortcut before PRIONIA post, it will be placed a prohibitive entry. Any use of the shortcut by athletes will be recorded and the offenders will be disqualified. 6. Trash throwing outside of control and refreshment posts areas will also be punished by disqualification.